Collection Meteorite

Your jewel with a 4.5 billion-year-old space rock

Barakà Jewels is ready to let its customers experience a journey as unique as it is exciting, in Space. The leading company in the luxury men’s jewelry market presented the Meteorite Collection in Basel. The Barakà brand is known for constantly innovating, always looking for new materials and cutting-edge design, but this year it goes even beyond borders. Therefore, a collection is born, combining noble jewelry materials such as gold, silver and precious stones, with a real meteorite.

In a year at least 500 meteorites fall to earth, but only 5 are recovered and stored. Barakà has bought two of these meteorites to create a completely new collection. Those who wear these precious pieces of jewelry take with them a real piece of space: unique and unmistakable, a special stone that has traveled through space for millions of years before falling to Earth. Bracelets, rings and pendants on which gold portrays the contours of the solar system on the meteorite, enriched with a blue sapphire that symbolizes our Earth. A collection that is ready to become a trademark of the brand Barakà

Collection Meteorite: Video presentation